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AnyDAO provides the DAO-as-a-Service allowing anyone to launch and contributes to any DAO powered by Contribute-to-Earn mechanisms.

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AnyDAO supports DAO lifecycles in every phase.

Launch Phase

Landing Page

Create your DAO profile in seconds, not weeks.

Community Hub

Allow all your community members to convene in one place.

Treasury Monitoring

Open and transparent treasury for the community.

Grow Phase

Spread the Word

Various bounty programs to rapidly expand your community.

Social Engagement

Well-built functionalities to facilitate member interactions on social platforms.

Automation and Web3

Smart Contracts to identify and reward every contribution.

Boost Phase

Hassle free processes to build your boost campaigns.


Collect donations and boost your DAO together with your community..

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NFT Mint

Generate NFTs as your DAO identity and make it your community pass.

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Free giveaways to your community whom make contributions.

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AnyDAO in Web3

AnyDAO is built upon Web3 philosophies and infrastructures, enabling any DAO to organize and govern in a Web3 way.

Anyone, AnyDAO

Colletor DAO

Co-own digital arts.

Guild DAO

Monetize crypto gaming assets.

Venture DAO

Pick and invest with collective intelligence.

Metaverse DAO

Share Metaverse value and fun together.

Developer DAO

Open source everything.

Startup DAO

Launch a startup in a disruptive manner.


Explore the most exciting and innovative DAOs.

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